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** "Even heroes have the right to dream... I'm not crazy, or anything" --Superman by Five for Fighting

** Pedal to the medal, speed away. Time comes and goes, life comes and goes. Cherished, the world seems immense, incredible, invigorating. Like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs.

** I'm not picky: if you aren't racist, homophobic, sexist, etc., you're a shoe-in. Add me first, then comment.

** Beware: I may be narcissistic, notional, nonchalant or elsewise. Sometimes crazy, sometimes cautious. I have many boundaries yet none. I'm very oxy moronic.

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The Games Begin

Everything has a beginning. Some things we'll never know about their beginnings- like the world. Do we follow the religious rules, the numerous versions? Or, do we follow science?

Science doesn't tell us what we're all like, though. It doesn't explain my personality or my thoughts, emotions, feelings. It tells you that I menstruate, and that I will probably reach menopause by the time I'm in my early fifties.

What about astrology? Karma reaches all bounds, doesn't it? How many lives have I held, now? I'll bet I was Ronald Regan's wife's mother's sister's son's daughter's uncle's sister's mother's father's mother one day or something. Who can say? I just added a bunch of random familial ranks and created an alternate life for myself. I'll bet I was really rich. I was a "rags to riches" story, wasn't I? Or was Karma a bitch? Was I alive? Was I created, yet? Was I a greek goddess, abandoned by my people? Maybe I'll go ask Zeus.

Irony, that's it. Sarcasm is overrated. Sarcasm? Oh, yes- sarcasm is meant to harm, while irony is simply a bizarre happening or occurrence. Pushing someone's books off a table on purpose and saying, "Oh, gee, oops" is sarcasm. Irony is like when a penguin walks into a bar and asks for his brother and the bartender asks, "What does he look like?" See? There's a difference.

Oh, and random is good, no? If you don't believe me, look in a history book. Oh, and some irony can be seen there, too. Isn't the Boston Tea Party ironic to its own? Just the name justifies that rank. History rocks. It's the markings of the beginnings and ends of things. A history book can tell us the end and the approximate beginning of the Roman and Greek empires. It can tell us about the time that Cro Magnons roamed the earth, or how they lived. Can it tell us when the world began? No.

The internet can tell us almost anything, but it can't tell us that, either, though. You know what it can tell us? It can tell us when the games began- when this site was brought fourth. Welcome to the ironic version of worldly matters.

Prepare yourselves- Kim has entered the internet realms once again.
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